• Pre Design Activity

    Performing feasibility study - Industrial engineering - Implementing QFD and product portfolio development - Developing PDS: product Descriptions and specifications - Scheduling and price analysis - And developing a BP: business plan for a new product project for the customer.
  • Concept Design

    This service is based on product portfolio and compliance with all requirements for output from pre-design activities. This phase is evaluated with the product design documentation and ultimately validated with the Attribute Prototype (AP). The report is presented to the customer. After customer approval, F-Release Drawing will have the ability to publish to the customer.
  • Detail Design

    This service includes the development a roadmap for designing a new product project, and the conversion of the main product specification to Design code in the form of DFX, the requirements for assembly-mass production-reliability –availability of material and process-the geometry and tolerance requirements Design and product alignment with regional and global requirements. By implementing specialized designer and simulation software and specialized hardware, it will eventually formulate requirements for approval and acceptance of design at the product and process level. This chapter ends with the production of Examples of Evaluation Prototype (EP) and its validation and release of T Release for the start of the industrialization phase.
  • Process Design

    These services include design and mold management, validation and delivery management activities. Also, the BOP is designed to design the production lines for installing machines and in new production lines, and equip the lines and production in an industrial way. These components are as The Verification Prototype (VP) is provided to the customer. After verifying the VP, the value documentation is provided V Release.