About us

Ujeh Part Aria Company opened in 2008 with consideration of issues such as logistics - access to raw material supplies - access to customs and distances from Iranian OEMs and access to experienced human resources in the industrial city of Shams Abad in Tehran.

The company includes the following departments:

  • Management office and development of foreign cooperation
  • Techno Center (Product-Process-Manufacturing)
  • Quality Department
  • Commercial Department
  • General Services

The company's business plan based on the design, and supply of high technology components, has been developed with the cooperation and direct investment of internationally recognized brands for the needs of the Iranian automobile industry, which includes the following fields:

  • Technology of designing and supplying timing belts - automotive and industrial belts (with Idlers and tensioners) as well as all parts base of rubber - plastic and rubber - metal
  • Design and manufacturing of all kinds of FKM-HNBR-CR-EPDM components in the form of compound and shield
  • Technology for designing and manufacturing all kinds of DC motor drives in vehicle collections
  • Technology for designing and manufacturing special injection molded parts of rubber and plastic engine compartments that can withstand special system and environmental conditions (high pressure and high temperature).
  • Technology for the design and supplying of cable control systems (Pull cables –Push pull cables) and mechatronic controllers (X-by Wire)
  • Investment in the form of a long-term partnership agreement through direct cooperation with the prestigious and international techno centers of automotive systems in Europe