Idler pulley, timing and dynamo tensioners

Vehicle control under special situation can be trouble maker even for the professional drivers, because skillful in driving is not the only determinant factor to save life, therefore, vehicle manufacturers attempt to increase safety of their products by intelligent systems to prevent from probable risks to some extent.

UPACO is at present one of the outstanding manufacturers in the industry of car manufacturing within the recent years. This company supplies a complete line of tensioner and idlers with high quality for manufacturers of vehicle and after-sale services suppliers.

Holding strong relationship with credential manufacturers and attention to the factor of innovation, has made UPACO able to supply a complete complex of tensioner for the section of timing and sub equipment of the motor like dynamo. Tension of these belts are fixed by tensioners. Idler is used in belts by eliminating vibration, in order to absorb changes of belts tension variations that is happened in the function of the motor. Roller of tensioner and idler is consisted of metal and plastic pulleys with one or two radial trenches.

UPACO tensioner have been designed and manufactured in order to create fixed power on time and dynamo belts due the function of the car motors. In general, motor Tensioners are designed in three general forms:

  1. Mechanical
  2. Semi-automatic
  3. Automatic.

In automatic tensioner, the force is created by the component like spring that cause a balanced tension in the surface of the belt. This model is applied to increase lifetime of the belt and suitable function of the mobile system of the car. Using high quality components and suitable designing will be resulted to decline changes of tension, noise and sliding of the belts and as well as increasing lifetime of ball bearings.