An exclusive partnership contract to design and produce about AT/MT cable shifting Systems and Cable controller with SILAGROUP Italy.
In a vehicle, the gear shifter system is the man-machine interface which allows to keep the desired rev levels in all the different speed settings the vehicle encounters. Sila-Upaco provides gear shift mechanisms to the major Iranian manufacturers of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and heavy industrial vehicles.



The manual operation of the gear box allows for the driver’s choice of which gear to engage and to operate, accordingly to that decision. Sila-Upaco designs, develops and produces manual shifting systems to meet customer’s specific requirements including system fitting in the vehicle and assembly modes.


Automatic transmission systems take over the driver’s decision in the choice of the gears to be used at different speeds and the Automatic gear shifters work as an interface, allowing the driver to choose the travel and the transmission mode. Nowadays, these shifting systems mainly divide into mechanisms for automatic transmissions, for dual clutch transmissions and robotized systems.


The best technical solution for transferring a mechanical control is through a cable
as it is a good combination of cost, safety, lay-out complexity and durability needs.


The product design configuration of push-pull cables allows to operate in both push and pull modes. Sila-Upaco offers the push-pull cables in combination with the gear shifter systems in order to ensure the best possible fitting to the most complex car configurations, yet keeping the highest precision in the control transmission from the driver to the gear box.


Pull cables are used to operate any kind of mechanical systems in pull mode only, whilst the idle position is reached by using springs and return mechanisms. Sila-Upaco develops and manufactures both Light Pull Cables (which are used in a wide range of vehicle-related applications such as in doors, bonnets, fuel flaps opening and seat regulation) and Heavy Pull Cables, such as break and clutch cables.


Knobs are the ultimate connection between man and the transmission; their ergonomics play an important role in the pleasantness of the driving experience.

Boots are the aesthetical finishing elements which contribute in defining the style of the vehicle interior, through the variety of solutions offered. Knobs and boots manufactured by Sila-Upaco are completely customized according to the customer’s preferences and they are developed from a wide range of materials and structural solutions. Sila-Upaco goes beyond the car or vehicle themselves offering a wide range of solutions suitable to any requirements in terms of interface between operator and control.


The cable-based remote control of a mechanical actuator, with its known benefits in terms of reliability, cost and versatility, can be operated without involving the traditional human effort. The SILATRONIC® technology, developed by Sila, allows for the production of x-by-wire solutions both for the controlling of manual gear boxes and the controlling of brake drums and plates.

SILATRONIC® has no effect on the operating systems such as gear box and breaking frameworks; this means that it can provide a quick solution to those manufacturers who are willing to provide their end customers with “two-pedals” or electrical break solutions whilst keeping an eye on the final product cost. SILATRONIC® technology has been developed completely by Sila, which follows a precise research and innovation plan based on extensive knowledge in the fields of electro-mechanics, structure and vibration, supported by simulation and calculation systems.